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We are Storytellers


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An Ad film production company whose sole purpose is to manifest ideas into visual narratives that are engaging and entertaining.

Our goal is to help brands tell their story through moving images that connect and resonate with people.


"Photography is truth. And cinema is truth twenty four times a second"

Jean Luc Godard 

Co Founders:

Suyash Modi

Having been in the ad film industry for 7 years, Suyash has worked on a variety of TVCs and digital films. He started Cine Pitara with the goal to create visually and emotionally appealing films by working with the best storytellers in the industry.

Sharon Flynn


A casting director by profession in the film and advertising industry for the past 7 years, producing comes easy to Sharon. She has also gone on to direct an award winning documentary film, I'dentity which has been screened in the UK and all over Europe.

02 portfolio

03 directors

Prathamesh Ghate

Pratty is a seasoned advertising copywriter who seamlessly transitioned into the role of a director. The leap of faith wasn’t just a career shift but a fulfilment of a creative vision - a realization that storytelling extended beyond words on a page.

With an innate flair for humour and storytelling, he has the ability to deliver content that entertains while conveying compelling messages.

Sakshi Mishra

Sakshi Mishra.png

A film professional for the past 9 years, Sakshi has worked on a diverse range of projects, from feature films to web series, TVCs and digital films.


Currently, a director in the ad world, she truly believes that cinema is a mirror, with the power to change the world and strives to create heartwarming & thought provoking content. 

Samay Bhattacharya


Directing TVCs and digital films for the past 5 years, Samay is at ease getting the best out of everyone he works with.

Not to limit himself, he has also directed short films which have done the rounds of various film festivals and won numerous accolades. 

04 clients

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Tel & WhatsApp: +91 9833311946/ +91 9967936804

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